Sold For 23% Above List Price In Just 9 Days!

I loved my home and I loved the neighbourhood I lived in. Over 35 years, I brought up my family in a wonderful environment on the east side of Toronto. After a full life of love in this home, I came to the difficult conclusion that it was time to downsize. As Ira is a great friend to my step-son, we've known each other for over 25 years. So when it came time to sell, I knew I wanted him for the job. The problem was, I needed a place to go. I knew I wanted to rent but I didn't want to run into the issue of getting into a condominium where I could be evicted whenever the owner made the decision to sell the unit, or to move in. So Ira went on the hunt to find me the perfect apartment. We found the right building but unfortunately there were no vacancies. So tenancious Ira called the Superintendant of that building regularly to keep my name at the top of the list, and after a couple of months, we got the apartment I was waiting for.

When preparing my house, Ira had all the right suggestions as to how to turn a home full of memories, and more importantly my "stuff", into a product for sale. He brought in a great stager/packer/mover who fixed up my home, helped me pack, helped me decide what to keep and what to trash, and above all ease my nervousness about the huge and overwhelming task that lay ahead. The selling process was made easy as I watched Ira get to work. We had over 50 people come through to look at the property which resulted in several offers for me to choose from.

In looking back, I have to thank Ira for helping me through it. At the beginning, it was an extremely daunting and emotional undertaking. But once we started, I saw Ira's methodical step-by-step process in action and it eased my worry. Now I'm settled in my new home and I'm living quite comfortably. I have a great 3 bedroom apartment with plenty of room for when my grandchildren come to visit!

Thanks for everything Ira. The results you delivered went far beyond my expectations!!  - Henry F.

Sold For 11% Above List Price In Just 8 Days!

I had just bought a house off-market and I needed to sell my present home as quickly as possible. As Ira has been a lifetime friend, I knew that he was the one to consult. Of course, my main concern was selling my home in Dovercourt Park for the highest price in as short a period of time as there was a short closing on the other property. In the end, it turned out that Ira was the perfect choice. With his pricing system down to a science, he knows how to get the maximum value out of a property in the shortest amount of time. After evaluating my property, he devised a list price that would attract the greatest amount of buyers. Needless to say, there was a ton of traffic that week with over 25 separate showings and that's not even counting the traffic during the two extended open houses that weekend. His system of listing and selling property in just 8 days worked with his previous clients and he assured me that it would work again. And he was right! When I saw the amount of the winning bid, I truly got emotional and couldn't contain myself.

Thanks for everything Ira!!  - Anna S.

Listed Exclusively By Rosenberg Homes!

I hired Ira to sell my investment property in the Wychwood Community of Central Toronto. The house is a legal triplex and was full of tenants, and I needed to be as respectful as possible to them during the showing process. So I decided to have Ira list the property privately off the MLS. Of course this meant that I needed to rely on Ira to find the buyer himself without having the backstop of every agent in the city. Luckily, Ira has a database filled with potential buyers and investors. He managed to show the property several times and even attract two offers resulting in a sold price above the list price!  - Jamie S.

Ira Is A Tough Negotiator!

I found the property I knew I wanted up in Grey County but I needed an agent who could negotiate for me and get me a price I was willing to pay. Ira took the reins and the result was a sold price that was 92% of the list price. When it's time again for me to buy or sell, Ira is defintely my first choice!     - Andrew B.

Sold For 20% Above List Price In Just 8 Days!

My husband and I owned our home in Forest Hill for 48 years and we were ready to downsize. Needless to say I was extremely nervous about the prospect of selling as I had no exposure to real estate sales since I was a young woman. But Ira's diligent work ethic and attention to detail calmed my nerves throughout the process. He was with me from beginning to end, from the purchase of my next home to after the closing on my sold home. He held extended open houses on the weekend and was present at each private showing as I had asked him to be. The best part, due to his great negotiating, I earned much more money than I thought I would! I can now say with confidence that my worries are over and I'm truly excited to move on to the next chapter in my life.

Thank you Ira for all of your help, for your knowledge and for your calm demeanour. I couldn't have done this without you. Your service was priceless!  - Lenore B.

Sold Exclusively In Just 2 Days For 100% Of List Price!

After hiring Ira to represent us, our Clanton Park home sold for 100% of the list price in just 2 two days. Using his vast network, he was able to find a buyer before the house was even listed on the MLS!  - Rachel H.

Ira Kept Me Informed Every Step Of The Way!

Our commercial property in Roncesvalles was in need of a very specific tenant. As the unit had particular zoning requirements, it was definitely a task to find the perfect lessee. Also, we requested Ira to be at each showing personally. Ira willingly obliged, always kept us informed and found the perfect tenant for us.  - Gregory R. & Conrad D.‚Äč

Ira And His Approach Quickly Put My Worries To Rest!

I was really nervous before buying my first home but with Ira and his approach to buying property my worries were quickly put to rest. During our preliminary meeting, Ira explained his step by step home buyer's process. He guided me as to what was needed regarding financing, legal representation, home inspection and closing costs. More than that, he had a great knowledge of the neighbourhoods I desired to be in and their associated market history. He was readily available when I wanted to see a property and helped to identify any deficiencies. Ira was a tough negotiator on my behalf and I ended up getting my condo for 95% of the list price.  - Barry C.

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