The mortgage industry is a highly competitive field and it is important to understand that interest rates can change at anytime. A key element to the home buying process is your partnership with your mortgage specialist. Finding the right mortgage product at the best rate is paramount and you must be confident in your relationship with your financial institution.

Get Pre-Approved For A Mortgage

  • Talk with more than one mortgage specialist. With our guidance, we will help you to find the right professional to achieve the optimum plan for you that addresses all of your mortgage needs. Independant mortgage brokers tend to offer the most options because they shop at all of the major banks and credit unions and have relationships with 'B' lenders as well. However, if you have a good relationship with your financial institution it may serve you well to use the products they offer. Just be sure to compare rates.

 Benefits To Having Pre-Approval Documentation

  • Save time by only looking at properties you know that you can afford
  • Save money in the long run with attractive rate guarantees and mortgage terms
  • Less stress throughout the process as you know that you are ready and capable to buy a home
  • Get a better deal on the home that you want as sellers like to know that buyers already have financing in place
  • With a copy of your pre-approval from your mortgage professional, you have a powerful negotiating tool as the seller of your dream home will feel more confident that you are organized and ready to buy

Things To Consider

  • What documentation will you need?
  • What is your downpayment?
  • What is the length of the loan?
  • What rate is best for your goals - Fixed or Variable?
  • Are there any penalties associated with prepayment?
  • Are there any fees or closing costs associated with your loan?

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