(You are interviewing an agent to help you buy a home)

1. Is real estate your full time or part time career?

2. Do you work mostly with buyers or with sellers?

3. Do you work alone or as part of a team? Would I be working directly with you or would I also be working with other members of your team? Who are the other members of your team? Who is responsible for what?

4. Is this a good time to buy?

5. What areas of town do you specialize in?

6. Which properties similar to what I am looking for have you recently sold or bought?

7. How long did it take you to find them?

8. What strategies did you use to find previous properties for your clients?

Open Houses?
Exclusive listings?
Print? Newspapers/magazines? Online?

Door Knocking?
Calls to agents?
Just Listed pamphlets?

9. How did the negotiations proceed? How many times did the offer go back and forth? Was the final purchase price within a reasonable range to the list price based on market conditions?

10. What information will help get us a lower than listed price for the current market /area in which we are looking?

11. How will we determine if the list price of a potential property is fair?

12. How do you suggest that I make sure my offer is successful when there are multiple offers on a property?

13. How do agents in your office share information about upcoming listings?

14. How can I get information on properties that have not yet hit the market?

15. How would you feel if I attended open houses without you?

16. How often will you be in touch with me during the buying process? How will communicate with me?

17. What happens after my offer is accepted? Do I get to visit the property before closing for the purposes of inspection, appraisal, walk through, etc.?

18. Take me through the offer process. How do you make offers? What if there are competing offers?

19. How do you make sure that I'm a qualified buyer?

20. What if I decide to terminate our signed Buyer Representation Agreement before it's expiration?

21. What typical standard conditions / clauses should be included in my offer? Which of these may be a deal killer?

22. Would it be simpler to sign a Customer Service Agreement instead of a Buyer Representation Agreement?

23. What is your fee structure?


The seller negotiates with the listing agent on how much the buying agent will get paid for supplying a buyer. How can we use that to our advantage to get a lower price?
Will the selling agent lower their commission so we get a price reduction? Will you?


Regarding your fee structure: If I can reduce a purchase price by 1%, I will be saving significant amount of money. I think you should reduce your fee by 1% to help me save this money.

Even if I agree to the fee you describe, I refuse to pay you the full fee if the home I wish to buy is listed by you or someone in your office. This becomes a dual agency agreement.
What leeway do we have there?

Please send me 3-5 properties that you think would work well for my needs and wants. (Insist on a time limit of 24 hours) Please comment on why you would think they may work.

Can you please send to me your recommended service providers? - Banking, legal, moving, staging, storage, etc.
Note: An agent should volunteer at least 3 per category. 

Are they pressuring you to use one of their suggestions?

What do these service providers charge? (Note: Verify by calling these providers)