When deciding on which real estate agent to choose to list your home, use this questionnaire here to help to guide your decision.


(Questions to ask when searching for an agent to help you sell your home)

1. Is real estate your full-time or a part-time career?

2. Do you work mainly with buyers or sellers?

3. Do you work alone or as part of a team? Would I be working only with you or would I also be working with other members of your team? Who are the other members of your team? Who is responsible for what?

4. What areas of town do you specialize in?

5. Which properties in this neighborhood have you bought or sold?

6. What strategy did you use to sell the last property you sold?

7. How long did it take to sell?

8. Did you have to reduce the price, suspend or terminate the listing at any time?

9. What strategy would you have tried during the last home sale if you had the opportunity?

10. What information about my home, neighborhood, and market conditions will you use to market my home?

11. What information do you think will negatively affect your ability to market my home and get me a top price?

12. How will we determine the listing price of my property? Why choose this method over others?


What if the price I want for my home is more than what you think my home is worth? Will you still take the listing? How will you drive traffic here even if I am overpricing?

13. How long will it take to sell my home using these methods?

14. How will you promote this sale?

Open House?
Hold back offers?
Exclusive listing?
Door Knocking?
Calls to agents?
Just Listed pamphlets?
* Which do you think really works to drive traffic to the home and which do agents use to merely to promote themselves?

16. Will you be doing open houses? When and how will they take place?

17. Will you always be present at my open houses or will other agents be covering for you?

18. Will you always be present when there is a request to view my property by a client or agent outside the open house period?

19. How often will you be in touch with me during this process? Take me through the offer process. How will you be accepting offers? As they come in? Will we be holding back offers?

20. Will you be present during the buyer visits to my property after the offer is accepted?

21. What is your process for making sure we will be dealing with a qualified buyer?

22. What is your fee structure?

23. What would you say if I took all of the information you just gave me and decided to sell the property myself?

24. What if I hired you to list this property, and during the process I decided to terminate the agreement ahead of expiration date?

I am not happy with what you said about your fee structure. You are asking too much and so many agents are cutting their fees today. I am not sure I can justify paying you that much.

25. What typical standard clauses should we expect to see in the offers? Which ones could potentially be a deal killer?

26. How will we handle multiple offers?

Can you please send me your recommended service providers? - Banking, legal, moving, staging, storage, etc.
Note: An agent should volunteer at least 3 per category.

Are they pressuring you to use one of their suggestions?

What do these service providers charge? (Note: Verify by calling these providers)